Monrovia, Liberia

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Pastor Nazareth is the pastor of a church-planting church in Monrovia, Liberia. This pastor’s actual name cannot be shared because he is operating in a nation that is becoming more hostile to the Gospel on a social level. Pastor Nazareth’s ministry is reaching Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His ministry is helping the impoverished as much as possible, feeding the hungry, and housing exiled Muslims. More than half of the population in Liberia lives on less than $2 per day per person. Pastor Nazareth shares how his own family as well as many people who attend the church go hungry. They rent a facility to worship in. They rent their home. They walk six hours daily sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have worship services on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, where Pastor Nazareth. presents God’s word. They pray for their persecutors, that God may be glorified in all things.

The main struggle in Liberia is that the Civil War there created a vacuum of power. The nation was colonized, a small political group led the nation, and since the nation was founded by explicitly Christian people, there is both a cultural Christianity and a natural disdain for Christianity occupying the same nation. Islam is the quickest growing religion, though there are several Christian schools and many, many, many, many, many Christian churches that are mostly cultural Christianity that was exported from the United States. When I asked Pastor Nazareth about the persecution there, he replied,

“They persecute us and the church by undermining us to leave the building we occupy and pay rent for monthly, at certain months when we are not able to pay the rent for the land we lease which have our church property or building on, we opposed and other agents want to buy the building from the owners in order to drive us away from the community we have our church. But through prayers, the Muslims never succeed in taking our church away from us, after several months of shut down, then we pay our rent and get back to begin worship services again at the church building. We build the church building, but the land on which we worship is not ours, so we are persecuted also by Muslims for it. They threatening us for the owner not to allow us use that building…”

The dream Pastor Davies’ Sr. has is to buy land to build a building that would better facilitate feeding the hungry, taking care of children, and so that they can have a place to worship. The need is great, and your donation helps. Pastor Nazareth is training more pastors and continuing to plant local churches with local leadership throughout the country. The world is really hurting. Christ is bringing life. Let’s do something. Christ is moving, let us move with Him!

Campus Pastors

Nazareth Davies Sr.

Julius W. Nagbe

Peter Kun

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