Nayakampalli, India

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Salmon Gandham was called to Christ out of a Hindu family and serves God full-time in the remote tribal villages around Nayakampalli. His focus is on tribal missions and reaching villages that are classified as unreached villages. A large part of his work is caring for orphans and widows. He is the pastor of a Christ-centered, church-planting church. Salmon describes the struggles that his family and team face as they participate in Christ’s mission,

…we face a lot of opposition from Hindu religious RSS people and mostly radicals… they have already killed some of our brothers, some pastors… We also face several problems when we are doing outreach and personal evangelism. Our area is a totally persecuted area to the Christian people.

Salmon’s family and team struggle financially to meet needs and do outreach. He shares his gladness to face many persecutions and considers it to be a privilege so that he might serve God and show His love to his community and the surrounding unreached villages.

Campus Pastors

Salmon Gandham

There are 150 pastors who serve under Pastor Gandham as part of our ministry in India. Listed below are the lead pastors in this group.

  1. Gandham Lazarus
  2. Muppidi Ganga Rao
  3. Joseph
  4. Issac
  5. Anand Kumar
  6. Satya Shaker
  7. Samuel Pinny
  8. Timothy
  9. David Raju
  10. Solomon Raju
  11. John
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