How do you plant churches?

We begin by sharing the Gospel. When people come to Christ, we establish a pastor in an area. This pastor continues teaching the Bible, raising up more pastors, and planting more churches in an area.

Can I become a church planter?

Yes! If you have come to know Jesus and are called to plant a church in your area, please contact us.

How are pastors supported through Christoa Ministries?

Lead pastors over networks in urban, suburban, or rural areas receive financial support that depends on legitimate needs. Funding is distributed by Christoa Ministries.

All pastors receive weekly theological resources for their own personal spiritual growth and for the training of more pastors/elders from within their local congregations.

How do churches benefit the community?

As God’s word is taught, people are conformed to the image of Christ. God is glorified, people grow into maturity, people learn how to live peacefully with others as far as it depends on them, people learn true contentment, people learn how to serve and care for others unconditionally, and much more.

Some church campuses/networks also decide to start schools, orphanages, soup kitchens, etc…

Is your method effective?

There are 196 countries in the world. We are succeeding at getting the true Gospel into all but 4 of those countries (so far as we know) and are reaching every single state in the United States (as of August 2019).

We are doing this by not packaging the Gospel with the false hope of worldly prosperity and by expositing God’s word and raising up local pastors.

We are even getting the true Gospel into every nation on Open Doors’ World Watchlist except North Korea, Eritrea, Yemen, Syria, the Central African Republic, Turkmenistan, Mauritania, and Tajikistan. We are reaching into 42/50 of the most difficult nations to reach with the Gospel.

Are you reaching unreached people groups?

Yes. We hear regularly from pastors in nations where there are unreached people groups. They are working in the midst of unreached people groups. The more funding we have, the more intentional we can be about funding native missions efforts and establish local, native pastors among those classified as unreached people groups.

We are also reaching those unreached people groups present in western nations like the United Kingdom, Russia, and the United States.

How can a church or pastor qualify for funding?

An existing church or pastor can qualify for funding if 1) it is a church-planting church, 2) it is reformed (here meaning to agree with the 5 Solas), and 3) if funds are available.

Do the pastors or churches funded by Christoa Ministries have to affiliate with a certain denomination or group?

Never. The only thing we require is that pastors/churches agree with and operate by the 5 Solas, participate as we train them weekly, and fill out the simple monthly report.

Whereas other missions organizations may require affiliation, we have decided that genuine discipleship is much more important.

Pastors/churches we fund are free to associate according to their own convictions, so long as their association is Biblical and with a denomination/association whose doctrinal statement is in line with the 5 Solas. They are also free to remain independent.

I pastor/lead and independent church. Is this a valid way for my church to participate in missions?

Yes! Many independent churches want to participate in the Great Commission but don’t know how to organize or struggle to find independent missionaries to support.

We will keep up with the administrative part for you and you can support all of the pastors/churches we support. There is more security and accountability for the missionaries, and we invest weekly in their training- which is something independent churches are often unable to do. By supporting missions through Christoa Ministries, you can have a greater impact, and provide technical and theological support.

I’m an independent missionary. Can I receive funding through Christoa Ministries?

Yes, as long as you meet our minimal qualifications. This will save you from devoting time to traveling and raising personal support, meaning you can invest wholly in your mission field.

We will ask that you notify the church(es) supporting you and ask them to send their donations to Christoa Ministries, Inc. instead.

How much does it cost to support a church planter/missionary?

This answer depends on where in the world a local church is located. We only support or fund the lead network pastors in urban, suburban, or rural communities.

Are there any administrative fees?

Yes, but we keep this cost as low as possible. We must pay our legal team, tax team, and the independent contractors we work with to distribute funds to autonomous church-planting churches and to provide technical and theological support to the pastors we work with.

How is my donation used?

Christoa Ministries is not for profit. 100% of your donations are are used directly for ministry purposes. No one on our board of directors receives any compensation as a member of the board.

For specifics, please review our operating budget for the year.

What types of donations do you accept?

We prefer electronic donations. You can make electronic donations by clicking on the “Donate” tab above.

Checks or money orders can be made out to “Christoa Ministries, INC” and mailed to our corporate office. We can only accept cash donations in person.

Can I designate my donation?

Yes. You can designate it under a certain line item or to a certain church or ministry that we support. This helps churches to support independent missionaries they have supported who are now partnered with Christoa Ministries.

Designated funds may be redistributed if needed by a unanimous decision of the members of the Board of Directors.

Should I donate as an individual or ask my local church to give regularly to Gospel-centered missions?

Yes! Some churches support missions through their denominations through programs like the SBC’s cooperative program. Christoa Ministries is different because we do not pay career missionaries. We train and establish locals as pastors.

Will Christoa Ministries reject a donation from any person or group?

No. Since Christoa Ministries does not have membership and is not a denomination, association, or club, donations are not synonymous with affiliation and contributors have no ownership over the actions or ministries of Christoa Ministries. This frees us to accept donations from any source and still strive to remain faithful to the Biblical work of the Gospel.

This also enables churches, who may not otherwise have the opportunity, to invest in the work of the Gospel without having to navigate or get lost in denominational politics.

Can I help train new and established pastors through Christoa Ministries?

Yes! If your church 1) supports missions through Christoa Ministries, 2) is reformed (here meaning to agree with and operate according to the 5 Solas, and 3) practices expository preaching/teaching, we will add your church’s podcast, blog, or video channel to our resource list as we train new and established pastors.

To whom is Christoa Ministries accountable?

Christoa Ministries is accountable doctrinally to the elders of the christ-centered church in which the president is a member or the equivalent thereof; and financially to donors and to the United States Government as a registered 501 (c)(3) organization.

Where does Christoa Ministries operate?

Christoa Ministries operates only within the United States. The pastors and church planters we support are not members of Christoa Ministries, nor are they under the authority of Christoa Ministries.

To whom are the pastors or churches supported or placed by Christoa Ministries accountable?

Pastors and local churches are firstly accountable to God and under the authority of God’s word. Christoa Ministries has the authority to withhold funding and to contact autonomous pastors/local churches to offer Biblical instruction and/or to reprove and correct pastors.

Since pastors/local churches are autonomous, we cannot remove pastors or dissolve local churches. Pastors are not employees or members of Christoa Ministries, nor are local churches members of Christoa Ministries.

Will you do anything other than plant churches and support local pastors?

With the right donor support, we hope to grow into establishing schools, orphanages, and reformed seminaries around the world.

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