This budget is tentative and will be finalized by our board of directors once our Articles of Incorporation have been approved and filed.







Missions Support

Gospel Sharing




Fund Transfers




Tax Security



















Includes annual taxes and an attorney overview of our annual report.


Includes support for lead network pastor and his family, rental of church facilities, and support for churches planted from the lead campus.


100% to facilitate evangelism.


Used to share share stories, locate new pastors, and locate new donors. Outreach costs us about $0.10 per person reached.


Used to share expository, Christ-centered sermons worldwide. It costs us about $0.10 to reach one person with the explicit Gospel.


The president/CEO is currently not accepting a salary.


We employ the use of third-party companies like Paypal and MoneyGram to send funds to our pastors.



We reserve this dollar amount to be available if we need to send Bibles or otherwise provide necessary materials to churches or people around the world.

Websites make our work possible by helping us to resource pastors and facilitate donations.


This money is saved to provide a tax cushion just in case we owe the IRS any money at the end of the year. If we do not, this money is distributed to the churches or placed into savings.


Current pledges total $4,980 annually. Dollars received above the budgeted amount will be used to determine next year’s budget and either distributed to the churches or placed into savings for future use.

*no director receives any compensation as a director sitting on the board.

*the savings account is established to help save funds to build schools, orphanages, and places of worship.

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