Become a Pastor

Stage One: Be Discipled

The Scriptures give clear qualifications for elders of God’s church. These are character qualifications produced by the Holy Spirit in God’s people through discipleship. If you have not been part of a local church, then the first step is to find a local church home. You need to be maturing in the faith before continuing. Planting a church is not about you building a kingdom for yourself, just as it is not about me building a kingdom for myself. This work serves the glory of God by multiplying the image of God in God’s creation in this current age. So, you must come to dwell in the glory of God and be clothed in the righteousness of Christ alone. Please answer the following questions.

Stage Two: Make Disciples

It’s time to start your home Bible study. Choose a weekly day and time and location. You don’t have to meet at your house. You could meet at a local coffee shop or in a park. We will send you a briefing and material every Monday as you continue to grow and be sustained and as you train up other leaders you have identified.

Begin by inviting family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors.

Have a kick-off day where you provide food or ask guests to each bring something.

Couple your Bible study with activities or music that may interest your guests.

Remember to respect church membership. This isn’t about you. Encourage everyone to remain committed members at their Bible-teaching, Christ-centered local churches.

Stage Three: Growth

Your group may grow organically. We encourage you to practice evangelism and we are here to help you develop ideas, just contact us. When you experience growth, it is important to think about starting other Bible Studies from yours. When you reach 20 attendees, it’s time to promote the mature believers in your Bible Study to begin hosting their own Bible Studies from their own homes. Get them started with stage one. Remember to keep an eye out for those gifted in teaching and who are growing into maturity throughout your time leading your Bible study.

Stage Four: Networking

If yours was the first Bible Study started under this simple plan in your geographical area, we want to consider you as the network elder. We can consider others if you wish to only lead Bible Study. The network elder is essentially the ‘lead pastor’ in his area and is over the network of home Bible Studies (which are always producing teachers and seeing more home Bible Studies started). Someone needs to be in place to help coordinate and facilitate this process and keep the teachers under him on task for the Gospel. As a network elder, you might consider,

Schedule regular meetings for the teachers in your network (monthly or quarterly is probably best) at which you might have a Bible study, see how house-campuses are doing, see if teachers have any needs, share any special emphases, etc…

Schedule an annual gathering for all the campuses together if feasible.


If you desire to be ordained as an elder or a deacon, please contact us and we will begin this process as well. All network elders will need to be ordained as elders or pastors.


Training is an organic part of our process and begins as you are being discipled and carries on throughout the experience. We are never finished being trained for ministry in Christ’s kingdom. 

Click here to download our devotional for church leaders (for our preparation and as we train others).

Click here to see the Biblical basis for our plan of multiplication.

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