The Orphan, The Widow, and The Unborn

In January of this year, I felt as if God might be calling me to focus on church planting. The worldwide response has been overwhelming. Even with the abundance of, probably good, missions organizations operating, there are so many things to be done for the sake of the Gospel. The logistician in me loves that, but my heart grieves deeply at the state of the world and the need for great repentance in every place.

Today, I get to introduce the world to Christoa Ministries, INC. We have been approved to begin operating as an organization and I expect that we will be tax-exempt within the year. Already, we are supporting pastors in Liberia who are reaching Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, doing what they can to provide food for the hungry, housing exiled Muslims, and dream to build both a school and orphanage. I have attended their worship services, and it is a great privilege to be able to send these men weekly expository teaching and leadership training material as we constantly undergo correction, sanctification, and growth in our knowledge and understanding together.

We have added one Indian pastor to our waitlist and one Kenyan is undergoing evaluations. In India, Christ is reaching many of those in the lower casts and we are seeing an orphanage and church being built.

Closer to home, I got to speak to a young man and his father who have had the fight for life on their hearts. Yes, I mean the fight against abortion. In Arizona, it is legal for a woman to have her child medically aborted up to the 24th week of pregnancy. That is the beginning of the third trimester. They said that there has got to be something that we can do rather than just complain about American industry making money by murdering children. Yes. Yes, there is. Perhaps the model that we develop in Tucson can serve as an example to the local church everywhere else. It simply requires the local church to step up and be the body of Christ. While many professing Christians have gotten good at dictating some moralistic teaching, it is on our hearts to let women know that they actually have a choice. They do not have to be coerced into letting some medical person kill their unborn children. We want to build a real support network and offer real help through the churches we are planting by helping young mothers, by building a great foster/adoption network, and by making every adoption as affordable as possible.

These things don’t cost as much as you might think, but they do cost. We are asking our friends and family members to step up. We desire your prayers. We need your generous financial gifts. We ask that you give monthly. If you pastor or represent a Christ-centered church or ministry, we want you to partner with us in a way that means more than merely pouring money into some sort of missions effort. We want you to become a resourcing pastor, church, or ministry by providing expository teaching from the work you are already doing in your local context.

Let us participate together in the work that God has prepared for us from before the foundation of the world. We lead with the Gospel. We follow up with the Gospel. The work we are able to do by grace alone when we simply walk through the doors that God opens is both amazing and humbling. Please look over this website, subscribe here and at, and click donate above to get started.

Published by Andrew Paul Cannon

Andrew has been in vocational ministry since 2011 after volunteering from his teens. He has served in the lead pastorate since he was 25. He holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Ministry with an emphasis on Youth Ministry and a Master’s of Divinity in Christian Ministry with an emphasis on Apologetics. Andrew is currently in pursuit of his Doctorate of Philosophy, where he will specialize in Systematic Theology. Andrew has written several books, has served in both large and small churches, and started his own non-profit missions organization. Andrew’s wife, Kati, and family serve alongside him.

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