Planting church-planting churches that do much more.

What We Do

We plant and invest in autonomous, Christ-centered churches.

These churches raise up pastors, plant more churches and serve their communities in a number of ways.

As we put the Gospel first, people are impacted, the impoverished are supported, and the hopeless receive hope.

Why We Are Different

We don’t merely do humanitarian work and then leave. By planting permanent, autonomous pastors and churches, we ensure that communities are always invested in.

We don’t send career missionaries. We disciple and ordain locals. This is more cost-efficient and helps to ensure proper contextualization.

We are not a denomination and we are not planting campuses of a ‘flagship’ local church.

Who We Support

Pastors of churches we’ve planted and christ-centered pastors who have contacted us requesting support.

Pastors primarily receive weekly expository sermons for their own spiritual health and growth along with leadership training material as they train more pastors and other church leadership. This is available to every pastor regardless of personal theology, denomination, or moral convictions. Message us to receive these resources.

We are available to answer theological or methodological questions for lead network pastors.

We fund Christ-centered, church-planting Pastors so that they can dedicate themselves to the ministry of the Word and to serving their communities long-term.

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Send Us a Message

if you have any questions, would like to have your church listed, or would like to receive our weekly training resources.

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